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Terra Northwest

Interpreting People and Place

Edited by David H. Stratton


Eminent Pacific Northwest historians probe the region’s changing society and culture. Essays examine Spanish exploration, Native American religion and worldview, Canadian-United States political comparisons, WWII immigration, women’s history, and more.



Eleven thought-provoking experts from the United States and Canada explore society, culture, and change in the great, resource-laden Northwest. Essays examine the European exploration of the Pacific coast, American and Canadian comparative development, the political and constitutional foundations, economic globalization, gendered and class history, and perspectives on the Native American, black, Asian American, and Hispanic citizenry.

Included are contributions by Susan Armitage, Kenneth S. Coates, James M. Dolliver, Gordon Hirabayashi, Alvin M. Josephy Jr., Howard R. Lamar, John McClelland Jr., E. Mark Moreno, Quintard Taylor, David J. Weber, and Donald Worster. Terra Northwest continues the Sherman and Mabel Smith Pettyjohn Lecture Series of publications examining the essential aspects of Northwest history.

Illustrations / references / 232 pages (2007)

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