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Forgotten Trails

Historical Sources of the Columbia's Big Bend Country

Ron Anglin Edited by Glen W. Lindeman


Indian inhabitants long ago laid out the basic travel routes in central Washington’s Grand Coulee country, and in their footsteps followed a host of explorers, fur traders, missionaries, scientists, artists, miners, military road builders, and homesteaders.


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Indian inhabitants laid out the basic travel routes in central Washington’s Grand Coulee country probably 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. In the early 1800s, horse-oriented Native Americans continued to use these routes; a host of white frontiersmen followed in their footsteps. Though their passage is now largely forgotten, many individuals prominent in Western history traveled this way and kept excellent records.

In Forgotten Trails, the most noteworthy and exciting of these accounts have been edited into a single volume. Included are the adventures of Lewis and Clark and the Canadian explorer David Thompson, early missionaries such as the Reverend Samuel Parker, railroad surveyors and scientists, Paul Kane and other artists, as well as fur traders, miners, stockmen, military roadbuilders, and homesteaders. The book ends with the celebrated “Grand Horse Roundup” of 1906, and an enthralling Native American perspective.

These firsthand accounts, together with a chapter on traditional Plateau Indian culture and an oral history describing 19th century Indian life, render a portrait of the region’s trails and travelers during its flamboyant and exciting frontier era. Forgotten Trails is an essential contribution to the literature of the Columbia Basin.

Between 1978 and 1986, Ron Anglin of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service served as a land manager at the Columbia and Umatilla National Wildlife Refuges. While assigned to this position he compiled the sources for Forgotten Trails. Anglin currently is the refuge manager of the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge near Fallon, Nevada.

Illustrations / photographs / maps / notes / index / 304 pages (1995)

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