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Cover of History (and Pre-)

History (and Pre-)

Albert Goldbarth These poems are set in or arise from the past, but with Goldbarth’s characteristic precision, insight, and narrative intelligence, springboard into a conjunction of thought and heart that reminds readers that the core of being human has never changed. Against…
Cover of Abiding Time

Abiding Time

Robert McNamara Robert McNamara’s fourth collection of poems features a clear, direct, and considered voice reminiscent, at times, of Herrick and Marvel, but fully contemporary. In poem after poem, attention, reflection, and a sweeping, multi-faceted faith emerge as ingredients without which the…
Cover of What We May Be

What We May Be

John Hodgen     John Hodgen’s What We May Be is a cry of love and pain (and he makes them almost indistinguishable) on behalf of the human race, its history, its future, its lovely possibilities that seem always out of reach. The poems…
Cover of Lady Wing Shot

Lady Wing Shot

Sara Moore Wagner Lady Wing Shot is an exploration of the life of famed sharpshooter Annie Oakley, who was called both the “Peerless Lady Wing Shot” and “Little Sure Shot,” a name given to her by Sitting Bull. The collection illuminates the woman…
Cover of Crow Genesis

Crow Genesis

Thomas Mitchell In Thomas Mitchell’s new collection, paper boats drift in and out of childhood, a red bicycle negotiates the dangerous edges of a neighborhood, voices travel on the wings of swallows. Crows transform in a strange metamorphosis, assume human characteristics and…
Cover of Lost in Living

Lost in Living

Halyna Kruk Lost in Living presents Halyna Kruk’s unpublished work from the immediate “pre-invasion” years when life in Ukraine was marked by turmoil but full-scale war was not yet normalized. In these “dear poems that don’t pain [her] like those about the…
Cover of In the Country of Hard Life and Rosebuds

In the Country of Hard Life and Rosebuds

Anna Leigh Knowles Using family myth as navigation, the poems within In The Country of Hard Life and Rosebuds rotate between lyric pastorals and narrative forms. The speaker attempts to trace her identity along a timeline and family who remain geographically separate. In…
Cover of Carry Forth the Stories [Expanded Edition]

Carry Forth the Stories [Expanded Edition]

Rodney Frey Anchored in the oral traditions of Native Peoples, Frey—professor emeritus and hospital lay chaplain—intertwines the stories of elders with his own to offer personal and professional insights into the power and value of storytelling. His experiences present a model for…
Cover of Forest Under Siege

Forest Under Siege

Rand Schenck Gifford Pinchot, Chief of the United States Forest Service (USFS) from 1905 to 1910, once marveled at the Cascades’ ancient forests, but by 1990, relentless logging left less than thirteen percent of the Pacific Northwest’s original old growth, and projected…
Cover of Celebrating Palouse Country

Celebrating Palouse Country

Richard Scheuerman Enhanced with spectacular photographs from John Clement, travel through time among the Palouse Country’s beauty and expanse, starting with its First Peoples, then moving through distinct immigrant groups. Chapters cover events that prompted emigration, describe the settlers’ transitions and living…
Cover of A Muckleshoot Poetry Anthology

A Muckleshoot Poetry Anthology

Curated by Susan Landgraf As part of workshops held on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation, fifty-four poets—most from the Muckleshoot Tribal School—created the works in this collection. Their pieces are about searching and belonging. Loss and finding. All share a common theme—a reaching back and…
Cover of David Douglas, A Naturalist at Work

David Douglas, A Naturalist at Work

Jack Nisbet This colorfully illustrated essay collection by teacher, naturalist, and award-winning nonfiction writer Jack Nisbet examines various aspects of David Douglas’ career while also shedding light on the area’s people and landscapes. Originally published in conjunction with a major museum exhibit,…
Cover of Washington State's Round Barns

Washington State’s Round Barns

Tom Bartuska Enchanted by their beauty, complexity, and historical significance, and hoping to inspire others to preserve these endangered rural icons, architecture professor Tom Bartuska and his wife Helen spent decades researching archives and—whenever possible—visited, took photographs, and talked with owners to…
Backwoods Railroads calendar cover image

Backwoods Railroads of Western Oregon

Photographs by Jesse Burkhardt Perfect for railroad fans, this 12-month calendar is filled with exceptional train images borrowed from Backwoods Railroads, Jesse Burkhardt’s unique photojournalistic account focusing on lines in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and its bordering mountain chains. 11" x 8.5" / ISBN 978-0-87422-426-9
cover image


Kevin Craft Traverse seems to have all of Earth in mind, its places and creatures, Craft’s language pressured and certain. The poems explore life’s traversals as simultaneously exceptional and mundane. Pacific Northwest Poetry Series 132 pages  
Greenest Grass cover

Greenest Grass

Flower Conroy Conroy navigates loss and grief, love and memory, longing and frustration with a gymnastic flow that both utilizes and interrogates language. The syntax is dizzying, the digressions erudite, and yet it all points to self-interrogation. $18.95 / 978-0-89924-188-3 / Pbk.…
Cover of The Winter King

The Winter King

Ostap Slyvynsky Ostap Slyvynsky’s The Winter King by presents a selection from a decade and a half worth of work by one of Ukraine’s most prominent contemporary voices in poetry. Drawing on three of Slyvynsky’s earlier poetry collections, this volume also includes…
Details of an Hourglass cover

Details of an Hourglass

Mykola Horbal Details of an Hourglass chronicles the anti-world of Soviet prison camps in miniature-poem reflections. It’s author, Mykola Horbal, spent 16 years in the notorious Gulag system where he suffered under grueling labor, deprivation, and humiliation. Lost Horse Press Contemporary Ukrainian…
Cover of We Few, We Academic Sisters

We Few, We Academic Sisters

Edited by Betty Houchin Winfield Three trailblazing female professors hired in the late 1960s and early 1970s discuss their childhoods, educational and research efforts, personal lives, and career advancements, as well as sexual discrimination and harassment and societal pressure to follow traditional roles. Their inspiring…
Cover of The Evergreen Collection

The Evergreen Collection

Edited by Larry Clark and Adriana Janovich While working for Washington State Magazine, eleven journalists traveled throughout the region to interview farmers, chefs, wine tasters, mountain climbers, scientists, and more. The resulting stories highlight the Evergreen State’s captivating people, industries, and history, describing influential programs, cities from…