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The Last Lookout on Dunn Peak cover

The Last Lookout on Dunn Peak

Nancy Sule Hammond Don and Nancy Hammond spent three exciting, magical fire seasons in Idaho’s St. Joe National Forest. Interspersing personal stories with regional fire history as well as dangers and details of the work, Nancy journeys back to the narrow catwalks and…
Boyhood Among the Woolies cover

Boyhood among the Woolies

Richard W. Etulain A sheepherder’s son delivers a rare look at life on an early eastern Washington sheep ranch, recounting endless chores, lambing season, sheep shearing, and fighting dangerous grass fires. He also describes family activities and shenanigans, relationships with hired staff, favorite…
Man of Treacherous Charm cover

Man of Treacherous Charm

Candace A. Wellman Appointed to Washington Territory’s District and Supreme Courts in 1857 despite being under indictment for murder and only marginally qualified for the position, Edmund C. Fitzhugh’s biography offers unique insights into the people, personalities, politics, and practices of the territory and…
Woman in Red Anorak cover image

Woman in Red Anorak

Marc Harshman Winner of the 20th Annual Blue Lynx Prize In Marc Harshman’s prize-winning collection, actual war, age, and disaster mingle with dream and hallucinatory sadness to produce an edgy sweetness few American poets have managed to give us. The voices of…
Walks Along the Ditch cover image

Walks Along the Ditch

Bill Tremblay These poems represent a turn in Bill Tremblay's long, distinguished career. The political and social concerns are still present, as well as the powerful lyric invention that has marked his previous collections. What's new is the poems' meditative interiority, the…
Walking it Off cover image

Walking It Off

Doug Peacock Peacock’s eagerly awaited tale brings us epic personalities, grizzly bears, the trauma of war, and wilderness adventure. A former Green Beret medic in Vietnam, he was mythologized by Edward Abbey as George Washington Hayduke in his environmental classic, The Monkey…
Unfinished Figures cover image

Unfinished Figures

Dave Nielsen Dave Nielsen’s award winning first volume radiates empathy and good will while, at the same time, offering startling, image-based examinations of the physical world that dive lightning-like into the spiritual and back again. Not only are the poems made of…
To Die in Latin cover image

To Die in Latin

William Ryan "A second book from the author of Eating the Heart of the Enemy, this collection is like a living being made of ice: strange, lovely, and implacable. Ryan's is a broken world full of beauty, brimming with the serious play…
Thieve cover image


Joe Wilkins Thieve is a pointed, political book, though the politics here are local, particular, physically felt. The central sequence of poems--ubtitled “Poem against the Crumbling of the Republic”--as written in direct response to the poet’s own transition from rural poverty to…
The Widow's Boy cover image

The Widow’s Boy

Dev Hathaway "I don’t know of anyone handling the American language with a hotter torch than what Dev Hathaway uses in his best stories. Even in some of the decidedly uncompromising, shall we say unconventional, stories, I keep reading, just to hear…
The Sign of the Crow cover image

The Sign of the Crow

Ignacio Ruiz-Perez The poems of Ignacio Ruiz-Pérez, available in the U.S for the first time in this volume, are suffused with color and a textural music reminiscent of the work of Raphael Alberti, Pablo Neruda, Luis Cernuda, and all the great Spanish…
The Present State of the Garden cover image

The Present State of the Garden

Heather Sellers Winner of the 2020 Blue Lynx Prize for Poetry In The Present State of the Garden, both childhood and the natural world are elegized as the speaker works through layers of loss: the dissolution of a marriage and a world…
The Only Afterlife cover image

The Only Afterlife

Marieve Rugo Within the framework of history, both personal and international, in The Only Afterlife Mariève Rugo examines memory, love, family, war, and dying. In the end she finds, through the poems, ways to accept and celebrate her life.
The Many Beds of Martha Washington cover image

The Many Beds of Martha Washington

Nance Van Winckel Van Winckel’s poems hover at the intersections of folktale and history, of past life regressions and future life visions, in a voice that is intimate, eerie, wry, and always strangely like a voice that has been going on in our…
The Lord of Everywhere cover image

The Lord of Everywhere

John Hodgen The poems in The Lord of Everywhere are about strength and courage and the will to hold on, about home and homelessness, and the tension that floats like Emily’s feather between knowing what home means and finding our true home.…
The Long Embrace cover image

The Long Embrace

Christopher Buckley Philip Levine is one of the foremost poets of the last fifty years, but moreover he is a master and unparalleled practitioner of the long poem in our time. No recent poet has written as many exceptional long poems as…
The Knowable Emotions cover image

The Knowable Emotions

Heikki Huotari Heikki Huotari’s poems oscillate between intense moments of scientific clarity and absurdist pirouettes that remind us that, while the “world” may be a dance of entropic chaos screened by a thin veneer of rational apology, the universe is largely a…
The Devil Take a Crooked House cover image

The Devil Take a Crooked House

Tomas O'Leary The Devil Take a Crooked House, Tom O'Leary's long-awaited second book, is like Fool at the Funeral, awash with ribaldry, blarney, and winning Irish formality which references the tragic. It cannot be mistaken for the work of any other writer.

The Consolations of Science and Philosophy

Christopher Buckley Christopher Buckley’s latest book continues his exploration of how, despite the intellectual tools of science and philosophy, we are still somehow left with questions about identity, memory, love, loss, value, self, and God--not to mention the depredations of war. In…
The Charm cover image

The Charm

Kathy Fagan "Kathy Fagan's The Charm works the true spells of childhood, the superstitions of romance, the bewitching alchemies of words themselves and casts us sun-struck in our lives--doomed, yes, but 'dovewinged.' Fact, speculation, nostalgia, and mystery are wielded with equal power…