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Backwoods Railroads calendar cover image

Backwoods Railroads of Western Oregon

Photographs by Jesse Burkhardt Perfect for railroad fans, this 12-month calendar is filled with exceptional train images borrowed from Backwoods Railroads, Jesse Burkhardt’s unique photojournalistic account focusing on lines in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and its bordering mountain chains. 11" x 8.5" / ISBN 978-0-87422-426-9
Traverse book cover


Kevin Craft “Traverse” seems to have all of Earth in mind, its places and creatures, Craft’s language pressured and certain. The poems explore life’s traversals as simultaneously exceptional and mundane. Pacific Northwest Poetry Series 132 pages   AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2023
Greenest Grass cover

Greenest Grass

Flower Conroy Conroy navigates loss and grief, love and memory, longing and frustration with a gymnastic flow that both utilizes and interrogates language. The syntax is dizzying, the digressions erudite, and yet it all points to self-interrogation. $18.95 / 978-0-89924-188-3 / Pbk.…
Cover of The Winter King

The Winter King

Ostap Slyvynsky Ostap Slyvynsky’s The Winter King by presents a selection from a decade and a half worth of work by one of Ukraine’s most prominent contemporary voices in poetry. Drawing on three of Slyvynsky’s earlier poetry collections, this volume also includes…
Details of an Hourglass cover

Details of an Hourglass

Mykola Horbal Details of an Hourglass chronicles the anti-world of Soviet prison camps in miniature-poem reflections. It’s author, Mykola Horbal, spent 16 years in the notorious Gulag system where he suffered under grueling labor, deprivation, and humiliation. Lost Horse Press Contemporary Ukrainian…
Cover of We Few, We Academic Sisters

We Few, We Academic Sisters

Edited by Betty Houchin Winfield Three trailblazing female professors hired in the late 1960s and early 1970s discuss their childhoods, educational and research efforts, personal lives, and career advancements, as well as sexual discrimination and harassment and societal pressure to follow traditional roles. Their inspiring…
Cover of The Evergreen Collection

The Evergreen Collection

Edited by Larry Clark and Adriana Janovich While working for Washington State Magazine, eleven journalists traveled throughout the region to interview farmers, chefs, wine tasters, mountain climbers, scientists, and more. The resulting stories highlight the Evergreen State’s captivating people, industries, and history, describing influential programs, cities from…
Cover of Getting Elected is the Easy Part

Getting Elected is the Easy Part

Karen Keiser, Washington State Senator The only guidebook of its kind, Getting Elected is the Easy Part helps first-time lawmakers, members of both parties, lobbyists, and other elected officials navigate state legislatures—institutions steeped in tradition, arcane procedures, and unwritten rules. Written for legislative newcomers and others…
The Luminous Racetrack cover

The Luminous Racetrack

Bill Tremblay The Luminous Racetrack is just what the subtitle says it is: a memoir in poems: spell binding and unique in its lyric clarity. $18.95 / 978-0-89924-191-3 / Pbk. / 98 pages / (2023)  
The Saint of Everything cover

The Saint of Everything

Deborah Keenan Most recent book by noted Minnesota poet, Deborah Keenan. $20 / 978-0-89924-189-0 / Pbk. 64 pages / (2023)  
All That Matters Now cover

All That Matters Now

John Witte John Witte’s All That Matters Now is a fabulous new addition to the Pacific NW Poetry Series. Pacific NW Poetry Series $24.95 / 978-0-89924-187-6 / Hdb. / 78 pages / (2023)
A Violin from the Other Riverside cover

A Violin from the Other Riverside

Dmytro Kremin A Violin from the Other Riverside is a dual-language collection by outstanding Ukrainian poet of the post-World War II generation, Dmytro Kremin. Each poem is akin to a dictionary entry on Ukraine composed in complex and intellectually laden, yet colourful…
cover of The Oratory of All Souls

The Oratory of All Souls

Richard Robbins The poems in Richard Robbins' seventh book are poems of great vision, affection, and historical and social clarity. $18.95 / 978-0-89924-190-6 / Pbk. 112 pages / (2023)
cover of Migrations & Other Exiles

Migrations & Other Exiles

Letisia Cruz Letisia Cruz’s latest collection, Migrations & Other Exiles, many years in the making, includes poems that began as simple explorations of the poet's past and as a way of accepting the violence of her youth without fear or self-judgment.
The Last Lookout on Dunn Peak cover

The Last Lookout on Dunn Peak

Nancy Sule Hammond Don and Nancy Hammond spent three exciting, magical fire seasons in Idaho’s St. Joe National Forest. Interspersing personal stories with regional fire history as well as dangers and details of the work, Nancy journeys back to the narrow catwalks and…
Boyhood Among the Woolies cover

Boyhood among the Woolies

Richard W. Etulain A sheepherder’s son delivers a rare look at life on an early eastern Washington sheep ranch, recounting endless chores, lambing season, sheep shearing, and fighting dangerous grass fires. He also describes family activities and shenanigans, relationships with hired staff, favorite…
Man of Treacherous Charm cover

Man of Treacherous Charm

Candace A. Wellman Appointed to Washington Territory’s District and Supreme Courts in 1857 despite being under indictment for murder and only marginally qualified for the position, Edmund C. Fitzhugh’s biography offers unique insights into the people, personalities, politics, and practices of the territory and…
Woman in Red Anorak cover image

Woman in Red Anorak

Marc Harshman Winner of the 20th Annual Blue Lynx Prize In Marc Harshman’s prize-winning collection, actual war, age, and disaster mingle with dream and hallucinatory sadness to produce an edgy sweetness few American poets have managed to give us. The voices of…
Walks Along the Ditch cover image

Walks Along the Ditch

Bill Tremblay These poems represent a turn in Bill Tremblay's long, distinguished career. The political and social concerns are still present, as well as the powerful lyric invention that has marked his previous collections. What's new is the poems' meditative interiority, the…