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Paulann Petersen


Here a reader encounters a voice steeped in the music of the English language, a voice intent on the musical possibilities of poetry’s open and nonce forms. In these pages, one finds a voice indebted to the power of metaphor-the capacity of metaphor to transform both language itself and the way we humans see this world.

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Paulann Petersen has five full-length books of poetry, including The Voluptuary.


“These poems showcase Petersen’s talent for picking out the smallest details–a stitch, a brushstroke, a drop of water–in travels, myth, the routine of everyday life, and wringing insight from them.”–Ben Waterhouse, Oregon Humanities, Summer 2013

“All poets draw on myth. In many of her poems, Paulann Petersen writes myth itself–stories and seeings so true you look again and again, and they’re truer.”–John Daniel, author of Of Earth

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