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The Crimson Spoon

Plating Regional Cuisine on the Palouse

Jamie Callison

Linda Burner Augustine

Photographs by E. J. Armstrong


More than 100 recipes—from comfort food to elegant fare—cover an array of palates and celebrate local ingredients like WSU Wagyu beef, lentils, and world famous Cougar Gold cheese. Gorgeous color photographs showcase the executive chef’s mouth-watering dishes.



“Start with great ingredients, apply simple cooking techniques, and magic happens.”

To Jamie Callison, the Palouse region of the Pacific Northwest is a chef’s playground. A creamery, apiaries, an organic farm, fruit orchards, a cattle herd, and legumes are all located just minutes from his campus kitchen—an “edible backyard” that inspired this delectable collection.
The Crimson Spoon features more than 100 recipes covering an array of palates—from comfort food like Cougar Gold Mac & Cheese to elegant fare like Pear and Mascarpone Ravioli. Many celebrate local ingredients like WSU Wagyu beef, garbanzo beans and lentils, soft durum wheat flour, and world-famous Cougar Gold cheese. Others highlight coastal treasures such as salmon and scallops.

In addition to utilizing high quality agricultural resources, Callison firmly believes that sharing delicious food, beautifully presented, strengthens bonds between family and friends—a splendid reward for pursuing his passion. Gorgeous color photographs showcase his mouth-watering dishes, and passages tucked throughout the pages convey his life story and underscore his cooking philosophy.

Published by the Washington State University College of Business

Photographs / 224 pages (2013)

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