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River of Promise

Lewis and Clark on the Columbia

David L. Nicandri, Foreword by Clay S. Jenkinson


River of Promise focuses on often-overlooked yet essential aspects of the Lewis and Clark expedition: locating the headwaters of the Columbia and a water route to the Pacific Ocean; William Clark’s role as the partnership’s primary geographic problem-solver; and the contributions of Indian leaders in Columbia River country. The volume also offers comparisons to other explorers and a provocative analysis of Lewis’s 1809 suicide. Originally published by The Dakota Institute.

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Illustrations / maps / notes/  bibliography / index / 368 pages (2009)

ISBN 978-0-87422-414-6 Hardbound (Original Dakota Institute ISBN 9780982559703)
ISBN 978-0-87422-415-3 Paperback (Original Dakota Institute ISBN 9780982559710)


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Hardbound, Paperback