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Governing Washington

Politics and Government in the Evergreen State

Edited by Cornell W. Clayton

Edited by Nicholas P. Lovrich


American states have recently reemerged as powerful centers of legislative change and policy innovation, and Washington is no exception. Governing Washington presents contemporary research and updated analysis from prominent regional authorities and commentators to provide a seasoned perspective on the state’s ever-changing political landscape.


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Washington was the first to have a voter-approved state Equal Rights Amendment. It was the first state to elect a woman as governor, and the first to elect a Chinese-American to the position. Still today, the state’s political affairs take unexpected twists and turns as voters continue to speak out and introduce change. Governing Washington provides an absorbing look at an evolving state political system and presents intriguing case studies.

Readers will learn how the state charter of rights differs significantly from the federal Bill of Rights. They will examine the impact of special interest groups and the increasing use of the initiative process. They will be introduced to the complex budget realities facing states in the twenty-first century. With chapters on public opinion, the court system, the legislature, the political parties, budgeting, changing demographics, and more, this volume updates the popular Washington State Government and Politics, offering fresh discussions and analysis from top political authorities throughout the state.

Charts / notes / references / 280 pages (2011)

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