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Chance for Glory

The Innovation and Triumph of the 1916 Washington State Rose Bowl Team

Darin Watkins


Chance for Glory chronicles the untold story of the magical 1915 season, when the innovative strategies of Native American coach William “Lone Star” Dietz transformed undersized players into giants on the football field and led Washington State to victory in the first Rose Bowl.

Aviva Publishing


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In 1915, American football was still in its infancy. The first Rose Bowl was just in its planning stages. East Coast teams were becoming household names, but what chance did a West Coast team with a losing streak have in achieving any fame or prominence? Chance for Glory chronicles the untold story of the Washington State University football team of 1915 when William “Lone Star” Dietz, a Native American, was hired as the new coach. His innovative strategies and knowledge would help a group of undersized players to become giants on the football field, and soon Washington State would be a household name across America. Watkins relays the history of the first Rose Bowl tournament, finding the larger stories behind events and following this magical 1915 season from its early days to its triumphant conclusion.

Aviva Publishing

Illustrations / bibliography / 280 pages (2016)

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