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88 Maps


Rob Carney


88 Maps is Rob Carney’s 4th full-length collection of poems that discusses how to find our way around in the New West, how to live in its physical and metaphysical suburbs. It’s about the times, places, and wildness we should say yes to by praising and laughing and telling stories. And it’s about looking at all our real and figurative cul-de-sacs and saying no. It’s a collection of praise songs, mini-essays, challenges to rampant development and the injustice of market-crashed home foreclosures, and narratives commemorating the last best places, and 21st century fables.

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“The passions and quiet violences that bind us and drive us apart fuel these poems. Tanacea writes with uncluttered immediacy and incandescent candor about domesticity, drugs, family, memory, divorce, sex as spirituality, fertility, horses and more. How can you resist a poet who employs ‘white nightgowning’ as a verb! Restraint and empathy undergird this collection, magnify the poems’ emotional power. Tanacea allows tangible things their uncanny ability to make the ineffable eloquent. Stirring, elegant and rueful, the poems are affective x-rays, illuminating the darkly erotic, the architecture of intimacy.”–Amy Gerstler

“Kendra Tanacea’s A Filament Burns in Blue Degrees is a glorious paean to perserverance in the face of life’s passages. Sparse, irreverent, and ardent, these poems, with all of their poignant humor and fervid intelligence, are rooted in a belief that artful language heals and we survive because of a steady reaffirmation of the powers of song.”–Major Jackson

“What a terrific collection! What I particularly like about these poems: their plain-speaking, their verbal economy. Tanacea’s subjects are not unusual–sex, family, domestica–but there are verbal surprises all the way through, and even the longer poems have an epigrammatic quality. A book of poems that has depth of feeling but is also fun to read.”–Ed Ochester

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