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Washington State University Press invites manuscripts for a new book series, New Histories of the American West, edited by Clay S. Jenkinson.

We are looking for new voices, new perspectives, new authors (and established authors too) for books about exploration, the American frontier, Native Americans, cultural encounters, the environment, bioregionalism, and of course Lewis and Clark.

We have a particular interest in projects that take the approach of James Ronda’s groundbreaking work, Lewis and Clark Among the Indians (1984).  We encourage manuscripts by Native Americans on:

  • Lewis and Clark Among the Osage
  • Among the Lakota
  • Among the Mandan and Hidatsa
  • Among the Shoshone
  • Among the Clatsops
  • Among the Blackfeet

About the series editor:

Clay Jenkinson is a historian and humanities scholar based in North Dakota. He is founder of both the Theodore Roosevelt Center and Listening to America. Clay received a BA from the University of Minnesota, and an MA from Oxford where he was a Rhodes and Danforth Scholar. He is the author of thirteen books, most recently, The Language of Cottonwoods: Essays on the Future of North Dakota. He has appeared in several of Ken Burns’ documentary films.

Clay portrays such historical figures as Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and J. Robert Oppenheimer. He lives and works on the plains of North Dakota. He is the founder of the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University in western North Dakota, dedicated to the digitization of all of Theodore Roosevelt’s Papers.