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Tracking Ancient Footsteps

William D. Lipe’s Contributions to Southwestern Prehistory & Public Archaeology

Edited by Timothy A. Kohler and R. G. Matson


Follow along as a top expert in Southwest Archaeology explores and excavates Anasazi sites in the Glen Canyon and Crow Canyon regions of Arizona and Colorado, formulates ideas and draws conclusions from the research data, and strives to preserve archaeological sites for future generations. In the process, he has left a legacy for others to trace.



Tracking Ancient Footsteps celebrates William D. Lipe’s five-decade career in Southwestern and conservation archaeology. From the arid expanses of Glen canyon, the Red Rock Plateau, and Cedar Mesa in Utah, to the lush Dolores Valley and Mesa Verde regions of Colorado, Lipe participated in the key projects defining much of what is known today about the ancient Native American past. And, in 1974, he provided a timely definition for “public archaeology” that influences researchers and land managers to the present time.

During a long tenure at Washington State University, Lipe also assumed leading roles in the Society for American Archaeology, the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center at Cortez, Colorado. In Tracking Ancient Footsteps, nine of his close colleagues share their experiences, providing a chronology of one man’s life intersecting with our understanding of Southwestern Prehistory, the role of government land-holding agencies, and the archaeological profession as a whole. In Tracking Ancient Footsteps, individuals who worked and interacted with him share their experiences and provide a chronology of one man’s life as it intersects with the understanding of archaeological evidence in relationship to the Southwest, and to the profession as a whole.

The book includes 37 photos, maps, charts, and tables, and an invaluable reference section.

Photographs / maps / notes / bibliography / 200 pages

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