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Songs for a Dead Rooster

Yuri Andrukhovych

Translated by Vitaly Chernetsky and Ostap Kin


Yuri Andrukhovych emerged as a prominent voice in Ukrainian literature with the publication of his first book of poems in 1985. The same year, together with Oleksandr Irvanets and Viktor Neborak, he formed the poetic group Bu-ba-bu, which became a leading force in Ukrainian poetic innovation for nearly a decade. After publishing only prose for a number of years, Andrukhovych returned to poetry in great form but with a much-changed poetics in 2004, with the publication of another collection. A comprehensive selection of his poetry from the 1980s-1990s, titled Lysty v Ukrainu (Letters to Ukraine), came out in 2013; in it, Andrukhovych revisited and revised several of those texts. This book traces the evolution of his poetics from the 1980s onward.

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Yuri Andrukhovych is a Ukrainian poet, prose writer, essayist, and translator. His book-length works translated into English include the novels Recreations, The Moscoviad, Perverzion, and Twelve Rings, as well as a collection of essays My Final Territory. He lives in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Vitaly Chernetsky is associate professor of Slavic languages and literatures and director of the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies at the University of Kansas. He is the author of Mapping Postcommunist Cultures: Russia and Ukraine in the Context of Globalization and coeditor of Crossing Centuries: The New Generation in Russian Poetry. Ostap Kin is the editor of New York Elegies: Ukrainian Poetry on the City. Kin lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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