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Svetlana Lavochkina


Donetsk, the black gem of Ukraine—Eden and Sodom in one, a stew steaming with coal fever, Manifest Destiny of Europe’s east: Svetlana Lavochkina sends readers on a double odyssey with two adventurers, the fiery blacksmith Alexander and the elusive linguist Lisa, whose paths are destined to cross on the cusp of the war in the Donbas. Only one of them fathoms that their encounter goes far beyond its face-value purpose. A thriller, a romance, a CV, a rose of historical winds, a song of crafts, an ontology of Eastern-Ukrainian mind in one, Carbon is told in polyphonic verse—a prayer for the beloved, anguished city.

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Svetlana Lavochkina is a Ukrainian-born novelist, poet, and poetry translator now residing in Leipzig, Germany. Her work has been widely published in the US and Europe, appearing in AGNI, New Humanist, POEM, Witness, Straylight, Circumference, Superstition Review, Fairlight Books, Drunken Boat and elsewhere. Her novella, Dam Duchess, was chosen runner-up for the Paris Literary Prize, and her critically acclaimed debut novel, Zap, was shortlisted for the Tibor and Jones Pageturner Prize.

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