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Don E. Albrecht

Don E. Albrecht was raised on a farm in the tiny, isolated rural community of Fremont, Utah. His experiences growing up motivated him to spend his life trying to assist small towns and their residents.

After receiving a BS in forestry and MS in sociology from Utah State University, then earning a Ph.D. in Rural Sociology from Iowa State University, Albrecht spent 27 years in the Rural Sociology Department at Texas A&M University, researching and exploring the challenges rural communities face.

He has published numerous journal articles and is the author of The Sociology of U.S. Agriculture. He served as Vice President of the Rural Sociological Society and President of the Southern Rural Sociological Association.

In 2008, Albrecht became the Director of the Western Rural Development Center, part of the Cooperative Extension at Utah State University. He edited a book for Routledge Press, Our Energy Future.

Albrecht lives in Logan, Utah.

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