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The Basalt Books Story

The region we call home—the Pacific Northwest—contains a quarter of the world’s llama population, the nation’s deepest lake and river gorge, the largest mushrooms, cheese factory, and ferry system in the world, water-carved marble caves, one of the best places to windsurf, and the city with the most microbreweries. There is plenty to write about! In addition, the Columbia Plateau in the heart of Pacific Northwest is home to one of the world’s largest basalt accumulations, covering portions of three states including our Pullman, Washington, location. Basalt is one of the most common volcanic rocks (even on Mars), making it an ideal representation of both our connection to our region and our ties to humans across the planet. Our list of nonfiction will include general interest titles for young children to older readers—books on cooking, nature, history, science and more—all with a connection to the Northwest.

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