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Good Times at Green Lake (Paperback)

Good Times at Green Lake (Paperback)

Recipes for Seattle’s Favorite Park
Susan Banks and Carol Orr

Charmingly blended here are the history and attractions of Seattle’s popular Green Lake Park and menus that will enrich any social gathering. More than 50 enticing recipes are embellished with photographs and vignettes depicting the delightful community of Green Lake.
Map • photographs
6" x 9" • 128 pages (2001)
Cookbooks/Food History/Seattle/Washington
Price : US$9.95

Wandering and Feasting (Spiral)
Wandering and Feasting (Spiral)

Wandering and Feasting (Spiral)

A Washington Cookbook
Mary Houser Caditz

Celebrating Washington’s bounty, Wandering and Feasting takes readers on an exciting culinary journey throughout the state. Vignettes on local communities note each region’s history and its native and cultivated foods, which are highlighted in more than 200 delicious recipes.

A fifth-generation Washingtonian, Mary Houser Caditz studied cooking at Cordon Bleu in London.

Illustrations • photographs • maps • index
7 1/4" x 10" • 352 pages (1996)
Best Sellers/Cookbooks/Food History/Washington/Northwest Culture
Price : US$29.95

The Crimson Spoon (Hardbound)

The Crimson Spoon (Hardbound)

Plating Regional Cuisine on the Palouse
Jamie Callison with Linda Burner Augustine
Photographs by E.J. Armstrong

“Start with quality ingredients, apply simple cooking techniques, and magic happens.”

Featuring ingredients and produce like WSU’s Wagyu beef, garbanzo beans and lentils, soft durum wheat flour, and world-famous Cougar Gold cheese, this lavishly illustrated cookbook features over 100 recipes anyone can follow to create mouth-watering cuisine—from comfort food like Cougar Gold Mac & Cheese to elegant fare such as Pear and Mascarpone Ravioli.

Published by the Washington State University College of Business
Photographs • index • 8 5/8” x 10 3/4” • 224 pages (2013)

Price : US$38.00

Harvest Heritage (Paperback)

Harvest Heritage (Paperback)

Agricultural Origins and Heirloom Crops of the Pacific Northwest
Richard D. Scheuerman and Alexander C. McGregor
With color plates by John Clement

Spanish explorers, fur traders, missionaries, and some Native Americans used imported grains and fruits to plant the Pacific Northwest’s early subsistence gardens. After immigration surged, the fertile lands became a commercial agricultural powerhouse, and by 1890, farming boomed—spurred by advancements in mechanization, seed quality, irrigation, and sustainable practices. Columbia Basin irrigation, synthetic fertilizers, Cooperative Extension efforts and impressive work by researchers also boosted production. Harvest Heritage explores the people, history, and major influences that shaped and transformed the region’s flourishing agrarian economy.

Color and black & white illustrations • maps • notes • bibliography • index
8 1/2" x 11" • 200 pages (2013)
Northwest History / Food History
Price : US$32.95

The Way We Ate (Paperback)
The Way We Ate (Paperback)

The Way We Ate (Paperback)

Pacific Northwest Cooking, 1843-1900
Jacqueline B. Williams

Food historian Jackie Williams describes our eating habits from the earliest years of settlement to the time when railroads brought the latest ingredients and implements to regional cooks. As in her earlier acclaimed volume, Wagon Wheel Kitchens: Food on the Oregon Trail, Williams sheds important light on a little-understood aspect of our past.

Illustrations • photographs • notes • index
6"x 9" • 240 pages (1996)
Cookbooks/Food History/Northwest History/Northwest Culture

Price : US$18.95

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