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Home Mountains
Reflections from a Western Middle Age
Susan H. Swetnam

After a youth spent in the East, the author writes about the middle-age surprise of finding herself at "home" in the intermountain region of southeastern Idaho. Indeed, she finds joy in coming to terms with various "homes"—with life choices, with family, with philosophical concepts, with quirks in her own personality, and with the need to keep adapting to life’s continuing changes.

Interwoven in this collection of personal essays is a deep feeling and love for her adopted home—the Intermountain West. It has touched Swetnam with its beautiful, wild expanses, and its sometimes eccentric human occupants. Swetnam’s recognition of her own increasing foundation and maturity counters the assumption that youth must represent the apex of life.

Susan H. Swetnam is a professor of English at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho.

"In prose vibrant with enthusiasm and fearlessly bold, [Swetnam] addresses each moment of her life, and finds redemption…She rushes towards the things of this world with a child’s giddy trust, and to read her is to become young in her wisdom." 
—Greg Kuzma, author of What Poetry is All About


Home Mountains


5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
128 pages (2000)

ISBN 978-0-87422-189-3

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