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Links to podcasts

Heath Brown coaxes a fascinating interview from Coal Wars author David Bullock on this New Books Network podcast.

Listen to the fascinating story of fishermen and the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Red Light to Starboard author Angela Day was interviewed on KCHU’s Coffee Break program.

Get the scoop on some fascinating Seattle history when you watch the TV program based on our book, Eccentric Seattle. Author J. Kingston Pierce hosts.

Listen in as NPR host Ross Reynolds chats with Greenscapes author Joan Hockaday in early 2011 on his KUOW Seattle show.

Kent D. Richards, whose book, Isaac I. Stevens inspired an exhibit at the Washington State Heritage Center, spoke at the opening, along with Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed. The event was aired on TVW.

WSU Press An Election for the Ages author Trova Heffernan and Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed were interviewed on TVW’s author’s hour.

On September 4, 2010, Canadian astronaut Bob Thirsk talked about reading in space on the radio program, The Next Chapter. What did he read? The Mapmaker’s Eye, by Jack Nisbet! He said his favorite spot to read was floating next to a window. (Thirsk’s portion starts about halfway through the podcast.)

On December 18, 2009, Shaper of Seattle author William H. Wilson provided additional insight into famed Seattle city engineer, Reginald Heber Thomson, in his lecture at the Seattle Public Library.

For John Charles Olmsted fans, we offer this podcast from Greenscapes author Joan Hockaday‘s talk at the Seattle Public Library on June 3, 2009.

Watch the video of TVW’s June 15, 2009 Author’s Hour, an interview with Finding Chief Kamiakin authors Richard D. Scheuerman and Michael O. Finley.

The 2009 American Library Association Conference presentation by reference librarian Hilary Albert featuring America’s Nuclear Wastelands was taped by C-SPAN2 for BookTV and aired on July 26, 2009. (The portion on America’s Nuclear Wastelands starts at about 16:46.)

Catch Dr. Power’s presentation at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington, on the Pirate TV Website.

On June 1, 2007, Dear Medora author Sydney Stevens was interviewed on the KMUN After Deadline radio program by Matt Winters, editor and publisher of the Chinook Observer. Listen to the podcast.

Catastrophe to Triumph author Richard S. Hobbs and The Mapmakers Eye author Jack Nisbet were interviewed by Megan Sukys on KUOW, Seattles National Public Radio affiliate. Podcasts of her program The Beat are available. Original broadcast dates were February 6, 2007 (listen) and February 14, 2006 (listen).

The Mapmakers Eye author Jack Nisbet, was extensively interviewed for the public television documentary on Pacific Northwest explorer David Thompson. Uncharted Territory: David Thompson in the Intermountain West that has been on the air at KSPS and other PBS stations.